A Laser Focus.
A Broad Understanding.

We are niche-focused with an intricate understanding of what is required to thrive in cybersecurity. You will find our approach very different from other recruiting firms you have worked with. We have focused exclusively on the cybersecurity market so we can maintain expertise in the space and maximize the productivity our clients and candidates receive from the time they invest with us. The success of our clients and career goals of our candidates are paramount. We are interested in long-term relationships even at the expense of our short-term goals. We win when you win.

direct line
A Direct Line

Your company will have one point of contact, reducing time-to-hire and providing the most efficient client-to-consultant engagement possible.

vet and repeat
Vet and Repeat

We utilize a two-part interview method designed to bring our clients only the most qualified and committed candidates.

sales experience
Sales Experience

We invest in extensive sales training in order to provide tested techniques to placed candidates, ensuring their success and retention with our client companies.

armed for success
Armed of Success

Our people are some of the best in the industry. They come equipped with training, tools, methodology and technological tooling prowess to surmount any hiring challenge.

Our Expertise

A Global Reach

Our network of thousands of top performers grows daily from the consistent efforts of our dedicated team of consultants. Building our communities, one leader at a time, is our continuing mission.

Put our expertise and proven process to work for your team. Access the competitive advantage enjoyed by our clients. Let's begin the conversation today.